Japanese Kindergarten Introduction

Japanese Kindergarten was established since April 1989 and is the first and largest private kindergarten in Singapore. We are registered with the Ministry of Education and our kindergarten is located along West Coast Road which is next to the Japanese Secondary School.
The kindergarten is set up based on the Japanese system and serves Japanese children between two to five years of age.
We have a big field, a tropical garden where we grow flowers and fruits such as bananas, mangoes etc. Which our children enjoy the most.
We also have an outdoor playground with three sand pits, a big swimming pool and a train with about 110 metres of railway track imported from Japan and assembled in Singapore. The train is the most popular attraction among our kindergarten children.
During outdoor games and exercise, the children enjoy swimming in the pool and riding on the train.
We also have a 2-storey hall for our school activities and events all year round. In the hall , our children enjoy playing with mattresses, on the iron bar, in the jumping box, the mini trampoline, the tricycles, with giant blocks etc. They can also play in the air conditioned room when it is hot.

  • Land Area : 10576 square meters
  • Building Area : 3362 square meters
  • Office Opening : 16th April 1989
  • Children Capactity : 500 students
  • Class : Pre-N,N,K1,K2
  • Nursery Time : Monday to Friday 9:00 - 15:00 (meal & tea provided)
  • Extend Nursery Time : 15:00 -16:00
  • Teacher : Qualified lincensed teachers, who are recognized by the Japanese Ministry Of Education.

Japanese Kindergarten Basic Philosophy

Our Kindergarten works on the premise that we need to inculcate a “zest for living”, “the power to think”,“richness of the mind”, and “intellectual curiosity” as part of the education for our children's future. For children given the chance to live overseas, they may still establish their identity as a Japanese through the school experience of various events and interaction with friends and teachers. Traditional values and culture are promoted and children learn to appreciate and feel the goodness in Japan.

The education of the infant period is the most important time which is like being in the “Triplet's Soul 100” - the proverb when the formation of the base of the man is built. We believe that discipline and the moral mind of the Japanese are cultivated at this time.It is also important to have a strong and steady grasp of the mother tongue in order to express various types of emotions, which are greatly influenced by the relationship of the mind and body. It is always valued that we view Japan from Singapore, loving the home country from the bottom of the heart, while having an international perspective and growing up as a productive member of the society.

Objectives of Pre - School Education In The Japanese Kindergarten

・Our priority is for the children to be mentally & physically well developed and to cultivate the positive traits of thoughtfulness & thankfulness.

・To develop their unique personalities and cultivate cooperation and mutual sharing in their group activities.

・To cultivate intellectual curiosity through a lot of enriching activities and cultural experiences in a nurturing environment.

Japanese Kindergarten Distinguishing Qualities

Classes are taught completely in the Japanese language by qualified Pre-School Japanese teachers. From kindergarten level one onwards, characters and numbers will be introduced to the children. It is important to acquire mother tongue firmly in childhood, because it will be the foundation for the children's future to sharpen their thinking prowess.

・The Kindergarten strives through the various events to deepen the understanding of old traditional Japanese culture. As the children explore and experience these events, their Japanese identity is emphasized and internalized. Environment settings are also changed to reflect the changing of the seasons. (Eg: Putting up artificial cherry blossom trees during springtime).

・The English department has developed many enjoyable games and songs which are incorporated in the lessons. English announcement broadcasting is held every afternoon for all classes. English fun time activities are conducted for children to further develop an interest in learning English and expand their conversational skills.

Introduction of the musical instrument – Pianica- which is meant to cultivate self-expression and the ability to respond to rhythm, while enjoying the music activities.

・We have a wide range of facilities and activities that allow the children to develop and explore their senses, as well as enhance fine motor and gross motor skills, children also attend computer lessons to extend their intellectual curiosity.

・We also prepare nutritionally balanced school lunch from Monday to Friday.

During the physical exercise, activities such as gymnastics, rope skipping, and ball games encourage children to be comfortable and enjoy the body movements. Experiencing various physical exercises in childhood, will help the child to develop interest in sports.

Age Groups


April 2017

GroupsClassMaximum No.of children
Pre-Nursery 4 80
Nursery 4 112
Kindergarten 1 4 120
Kindergarten 2 5 160


You are welcome to visit the Japanese Kindergarten,
Mondays to Fridays 9:30 - 16:30

  • Japanese Kindergarten Singapore Pte Ltd
  • 251 West Coast Road
  • Singapore 127390
  • Tel : 6779 3434
  • Fax : 6777 1830
  • E -mail :
  • Enrollment In Charge Person : Ms. Kuramoto, Ms. Tan
  • Bus In Charge: Ms. Polly

Yearly Events & Activities

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